Qualifications to get accepted into one of our units
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The basic requirements to qualify to rent one of our properties are as follows.
Applicant requirements:
Your credit score must be 600 or above.)
You need a good rental history. Sometimes exceptions are granted for applicants with very good credit. Co signers can be accepted if you can not meet the 600 credit score requirement. Co signers must have a credit score 700 or greater. Co signers must be willing to be listed as a tenant on the lease. Your credit history will always be part of the screening decision.
You must take good care of the unit your are in now.
Pets are extra and will be screened ( there are some exceptions). They are accepted on a case by case basis.
We do accept rental assistance. The requirements to qualify are the same for all.

We check the courts records, past landlords, credit, tax records, and other sources that are needed to screen new applicants. We keep the screening process the same for everybody. If you have any questions or are unsure that your qualifications fit into what we are looking for. Please feel free to call me and discuss your situation.
To view the property you will need to fill out an application.
I have included an application to view the property on this site that does not cost anything. ( no sensitive information will be asked on the free application) You must list your credit score on the free application. You may be asked to supply a screen shot of your credit score. You can fill out a formal application once you decide you want the place.
Call Tom @ 6096249393 and leave a message. I will text you back usually the next business day.