Want to get on our wait list? You can save thousands on rent each year.
Laurel Lake, Millville, Dennisville, Somers Point


Want to get on our wait list? You can get a chance to rent a nice rancher for a big discount from the going rental rate in the area by filling out our free application to view the house. Then send me an email letting me know that you want to get a chance to rent the next house that comes available in the area you are interested in. I change over 7 buildings each year. If you can wait for an opening you can save thousands each year in rent. I will call the applicants on the wait list first before I run new adds. You must have the qualifications we posted on this site to qualify. We rent our buildings cheaper to attract good tenants. We leave our rents low to keep our good tenants. I don't want them leaving because they can find a house cheaper. Hope the see you on the wait list.